Printer Troubleshooting

Printers are essential for every home or office. They are needed to print your child’s school assignment or your report that you need to present in office urgently. Printers are needed at every place. Otherwise, life would get so much difficult. But the fact cannot be ignored that they do cause troubles. Many times issues arise which becomes a barrier in the job.

If you have got some issues in your printer, you can contact us anytime of the day to get your queries solved. We provide printer support services 24/7. We make sure that our technicians are updated with the latest technology and are capable of providing best in town printer support. Any of your problems related to the printer will be solved by us.

Though there are some issues in printers which are commonly reported and solving them is not a challenging job. Look at the general problems listed below and try to look for them by yourself. If you are still unable to resolve, we will do that for you anyway.

Power indicator

Look at the power indicator of your printer. Usually, every printer has a LED in green color indicating that it is receiving power. Otherwise, check the condition of your power outlet.


There are two cables connected to a printer – the power cable and the data cable. Check if both of them are connected properly.

Printer error

Printer error s usually indicated by a blinking light or orange light. Though there can other means as well in different printers. Check your user manual for this. Printer error usually means errors like paper jam or error with cartridge or ink.


Make sure that you have enough paper on the printer tray because printers cannot work without papers. Also, check whether there is any paper stuck within the printer. This can cause the printer to not function properly.

Ink or toner

Printers do not work if there is an insufficient amount of ink (in case of inkjet printers) or toner (in case of laser printers). Even if you are just printing a black and white document, some printers demand immediate refill.


Check whether you have your printer driver installed. Generally, it is done automatically by the printer, but n some case you have to install it by yourself.

These are simplest and the most common issues related to printers. You can easily resolve these by yourself. If your printer doesn’t work properly even now, we can surely help and resolve any kind of the troubles with your printer.


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