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Dot matrix printers are the most popular types of printers available in the market. They are also the oldest type of printers available. The working mechanism is same as that of a typewriter. The pins at the head of the dot matrix printer hit the ink ribbon and make various patterns. They are also called impact printers for this reason. Such types of printers are mostly used at retail outlets, ATMs, offices, and banks.

Why dot matrix printers?

Dot matrix printers print dots on the paper to form images and text. These types of printers are very cheap. Almost everybody can afford them and use them because of their simplicity. Plus, the maintenance cost is very low. Cost of printing in dot matrix printers is also very low and the ink ribbon is also available at low price. These ink ribbons last for a longer time. Dot matrix printers are very strong which makes it convenient to use them in rough working environments. Overall, dot matrix printers are very cost efficient.

Problems with dot matrix printers

  • Faint printout
  • Ink smears
  • Paper jams
  • White lines in printouts
  • Carriage moves but doesn’t print
  • Gibberish
  • Flashing lights
  • Grinding noise

Why dot matrix printers support service?

Printers are technical in nature. Technology has made our lives easier to a greater extent but sometimes they cause troubles as well. Dealing with such troubles can be a challenging task. To help you with such issues we have come up with dot matrix printer support services. We are aimed and motivated to solve all your printer related queries. All the technicians are highly trained and well experienced in their respective profiles. They all know how to solve any kind of problems related to printers. We are available to solve your queries 24/7 because we know problems can arrive at any moment of the day.


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